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Security Bond Associates, Inc.

10131 SW 40th St.
Miami, FL 33165

FAX: 305-226-7876

Bonds that are coming up for renewal:
  • Third Party Driving School Bonds are now increasing from a $50k to a $200K each!  (Written test) & (Driving test)                                               
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds  have to be renewed by April 30, 2016. Please have it in by April 1, 2016 for the best results.                                                                             
  • Citrus Dealers bond Have to be renewed by July 31, 2015                                                                                       
  • License & Permit Bonds for Palm Beach County have to be renewed by September 30, 2015

Security Bond Associates, Inc. has specialized in assisting and issuing bonds for Insurance Agencies since 1973. Insurance agents have used our agency to secure their Construction, Miscellaneous, and Fidelity Bonds for their clients with effective results. Let us help you too!
Over the past 40 years, S.B.A.I. has built long lasting relationships with many bond markets to become one of the largest underwriters of all surety products in Florida & Georgia!
Our mission is to provide responsive surety solutions quickly and effectively for the Insurance industry.
“Have a Bond problem? We are the Bond-Aid People!" 
Insurance Agent or Agency, Please fill in your contact information below and the type of bond that your client needs to be provided. If your client does not know who is asking or what type of bond, ask them for a copy of the contract and/or bond form to submit directly to an SBAI agent. To setup a referral with SBAI, please enter your information below and we will contact you shortly. ​Thank you.

Contact Us

    Hello Agents,

    How well do your clients know their employees? 

    Do you have a client who, owns or works for a company that has its employees perform service work on client's premises? Such as, Exterminators, Appliance Installers, Carpenters, In-Home Audio & Visual repair, Interior Decorators, Security Guards, Janitorial, Maids, Dog Groomers, Home Sitters, Condo Watchers, Lawn Maintenance, etc….

    Here at Security Bond Associates, Inc., we have helped many of our client's businesses protect their clients from a dishonest employee and bridge the gap that Business insurance policies will not cover for employee theft with our Business Service Bonds.

    A Business Service Bond covers the clientele of the principle business service (Maid Service Company) from an employee theft of personal property while on clientele premises. If the employee of the Maid Service is guilty and convicted in the Court of Law of the said theft, this bond would payout for loss up to its policy limits to such client.

    A $100,000.00 Business Service Bond can cover a business of five employees with an annual rate amount of only $360.00. The cost break down of this policy for one year is $72.00 for each employee. No matter the size of the company, any business CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO purchase a Business Service Bond!

    Also, keep this in mind; Business Service Bonds are great marketing tools to boost business and to surpass the competition. Most of our clients that have purchased a Business Service Bond, advertise it to potential new clientele. Business service companies love to advertise that it provides security for its client personal property in way of a Business Service Bond.

    If you need application for Business Service Bond form, want a quote for more than five employees or in need of a smaller coverage amount, please call Billy Harris in Florida or Georgia at 1-800-780-5414 / Miami area at 305-431-5150 or 305-552-5414.

    Do not let an employee theft cost you a client and make your business suffer. Protect your clientele with a Business Service Bond from Security Bond Associates, Inc.

    Thank you!
    Billy Harris                                                                                                                  
    Security Bond Associates, Inc                                                                                                                      "The Bond Aid People"